Saturday, April 23, 2011

'Iron Maiden' Ringlet (SOLD)

Firstly, I kind of made up the word 'ringlet'. I don't think it truly exists as an English word. But basically it's a combination of a ring and a bracelet. Inspired by one worn by a Youtuber, I've decided to try creating one of my own. 'Iron Maiden' is a simple design which exudes a ancient/fantasy/ warrior princess kind of image?

'Iron Maiden'is made entirely of antique brass. It is secured using a toggle clasp. It fits most sizes as it's meant to dangle loosely at your fingers and wrists. However, feel free to send me an email if you would like size adjustments to be made.


Remove when about to be in contact with water. For easy wear, wear the ringlet around the finger first before securing the toggle clasp.


SGD 12 (Exclusive of registered postage)
USD 10

To read more about this ringlet creation, please view my other blog. The link can be found on the right column.

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