Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swarovski Cluster Necklace- 'Crystallized Charm'

This lariat style necklace is ultra sparkly. All the Swarovski components used are coated with an AB finish which gives it the extra sparkle. The 5mm rondelles in peridot, sapphire, blue zircon and violet are individually handwrapped with sterling silver pins. Toggle clasp, chain and all other metal components are made of sterling silver. Long lasting against tarnish and suitable for people with sensitive skin. Entire pendant including toggle and clasp is 53 mm long.

By default, the length of the sterling silver chain is 18". However, if you would like to wear it shorter, please indicate how much shorter you would like it to be.


SGD 62 (Exclusive of registered postage)
USD 48

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