Monday, December 27, 2010

Earrings- 'Under the Sea' (Silver) (SOLD)

One of my friends on Etsy (Please check this site out if u have not... You'll find plenty of handcrafted pieces by talented artists all over the world!) loved the previous 'Under the Sea', so I'm back with another one. But this time, it's in silver =)

A dainty, sweet and girlish piece with silver plated ribbons with cutesy diamante, Swarovski crystals in oceanic greens and blues (think Maldives) and ending with pretty faceted Swarovski Crytal AB (15mm width) octagon drops.Look at how the octagon drops reflect light! This piece dangles from rhodium ear hooks which are suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Length of earrings: 4.2 cm (Excluding ear hooks)

Only one piece created. 

Send an email to  to place an order!

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